Chandal Dosha Nivaran puja

When Jupiter is placed with either one of Rahu or Ketu in a birth chart or if Jupiter is having a mutual aspect relation with either one of Rahu or Ketu, a guru chandal yoga is formed. This kind of yog turn kings to beggars making the native restore to immoral, unethical and illegal activities. Education and success are hampered.

Benefits : Stabilizes and removes obstacles in education, job or career, Relief from health and mental disorders, Provides stability in professional and ersonal life, Relief from other malefic effects of Chandal Dosha

Puja Service Includes : Chandal Dosha Nivaran Puja 21000 chants, Sthapana (Ganesh, Devi, Navgraha, Kalash, Brahma), Navagraha Mantra Japa (1 mala of each planet), Ganpati Puja, Rahu OR Ketu Mantra Japa, Homa, Aarti and Donation of Rahu or Ketu shanti items.

Duration : 2
No of Priests : 4

Increases your Aura

Boosts Creativity

Removes limitations

Reduce stress, pain and trauma

Enhance the capacity to receive

Personal growth and development

Rejuvinates body, mind and Soul

Get connected to your higher self